Deep dive retreats that change your life

Feel empowered, experience inner peace and create the life you want. 


Feel empowered, experience inner peace and create the life you want. 

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The moment you enter the venue you'll feel at home, safe and nourished. We take care of everything to provide the structure and safety for the real work.

It's more than a relaxing retreat. Yes, it has stunning surroundings in a beautiful environment, with delicious organic food. But it's for people who want to go deep, really deep.

Who have the guts to go where it's uncomfortable, vulnerable and sometimes painful.

And that's why we offer private rooms only. When you go deep within yourself, you need to  have your own comfortable private space to withdraw and sleep in.

The result: growth & transformation that lasts.


The moment you enter the venue you'll feel at home, safe and nourished. We take care of everything to provide the structure and safety for the real work.

It's more than a relaxing retreat. Yes, it has stunning surroundings in a beautiful luxurious environment, with delicious organic food. But it's for people who want to go deep, really deep.

Who have the guts to go where it's uncomfortable, vulnerable and sometimes painful.

And that's why we offer private rooms only. When you go deep within yourself, you need to  have your own comfortable private space to withdraw and sleep in.

The result: growth & transformation that lasts.

Venues with private room 

We offer private rooms only. Deep transformational work requires processing, rest and good sleep. You'll always have your own space to withdraw and sleep in.

Team of specialists and experts

Facilitators and methods raging for ancient wisdom to modern science with high professional standards

Safe Setting

Nourishing atmosphere delivering support, trust and acceptance for every participant during and after the retreat.

Curated content

Curated retreat programs and individual offerings to deliver deep transformation and lasting results on all levels. 


More money isn't going to improve the quality of your life, you know that. You also don't believe that bigger and more is going to make you happier.

You want to:

  • Ignite the spark inside of you
  • Feel fulfilled
  • Appreciate the little and the big things 
  • Navigate with ease & grace the uncertainties and setbacks in life
  • Make bold decisions without fear holding you back
  • Sharpen your focus onto the things that really matter to you

But now you: 

  1. Feel stressed
  2. Are winning at the game in your career, but losing at the game of life
  3. Cannot figure out why you’re sometimes so unhappy
  4. Struggle to get in touch with your feelings
  5. Move through life with the handbreak on
  6. Live a rich life from the outside, but your body tells something different
  7. Feel overwhelmed with all the choices and to-do's in life

And you're done with it...


You feel stuck in certain patterns.

You want to make a change.

Maybe even change your career, your relationship or the course of your life.

And you know that the answers are within yourself.

You're ready to break free from your comfort zone and leave behind what no longer serves you. You're eager to start living life on your own terms.

You've been reading books on personal development and spirituality, attending yoga classes, and exploring new experiences like ecstatic dance and cacao ceremonies.

But despite your efforts, you still feel like something's missing. You struggle to apply these teachings and practices to your everyday life. And you're left feeling frustrated and stuck.

That's where we come in.

Our program is designed to help you integrate powerful tools into your daily routine, so you can finally experience the deep, transformative change you've been seeking.

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Are you ready to go deep?

Done scratching the surface?

Do you want to rip out those sabotaging behaviours for good?

You know that true change requires going beyond the superficial and delving into your core.

That's where we come in. Our program provides a safe and supportive space with expert practitioners who are the real deal.

We'll guide you to your core, your gold. To that what's hidden inside of you that's ready to shine. 

You'll be pampered in a beautiful environment as you do the deep work of personal transformation. Our practitioners are able to hold the space and confront you with the (sometimes hard) truths you need to face. We'll help you break free from old patterns and create lasting change.

If you're ready to make the jump and finally achieve the transformation you've been seeking, join us on this journey to dive deep and uncover your true potential.

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The Land of Now, The Netherlands


"This experience has definitely helped transform my whole mindset on how I view myself and stemming from that how I view the world and now how I want to live moving forward. Through the various tools and techniques, you really first increase your self-awareness, you deep dive into yourself, you learn to understand what triggers you, you learn how you can control your triggers, how you can navigate and learn from your emotions rather than allowing emotions to spiral into a snowball of negative energy. You peel back your fears, to allow your authentic self to show I am forever grateful for this journey ".
Peter D. 
Dennis is the real deal. He took his time teaching us the physiological benefits of proper and intentional breathing and made sure we were comfortable. He guided us through various techniques of breathing with music. I could feel my hands and feet tingling and my stress and anxiety disappeared in the first few minutes of the session. It was an extremely positive experience and he was very supportive and professional throughout. I also enjoyed one of the best sleeps of my life that night. Highly recommend Dennis’ expertise for breathwork!
Jabe N


It's hard to believe if you haven't experienced it yourself. Incredibly good and valuable experience. A very clear recommendation!


Dennis took a lot of time to explain in detail what to expect and how the session will work. With great empathy, he took us by the hand - so that I felt in good hands and absolutely safe right from the start. The session itself was quite a borderline experience in a positive sense. Due to the special breathing, inner blockages were released and afterwards I felt lighter than I had in a long time. Even days after the session, everything was still having an effect - I can only recommend everyone to make their own experiences with Dennis - a very clear recommendation from me for everyone who wants to experience more in their life.

Marc S. 



  • 3 Breathwork Sessions.  Value: €450
  • 3 Transformative Workshops (e.g. "How to listen to your intuition", "How to manifest your dream life"): Value: €450 
  • 3 Movement Classes (e.g. Yoga) Value: €60
  • 4 Days and 3 Nights a private room with ensuite bathroom at Land of Now, the Netherlands. Value: €300
  • 15 Healthy, Locally sourced, Vegetarian Meals. Value: €300
  • Deep Integration Coaching & Aftercare. Value: €500
  • Time to relax and Unwind: Invaluable
  • Sacred Sharing Circle. Value: €75
  • Community with like minded people. Invaluable
Total Value: €2135
You pay: €847


June 29 - July 2



Ignite Your Life

In 4 days you'll dive deep within yourself to transform your life. You'll feel empowered, experience inner peace and create the life you want. 

Location: The Netherlands


Dennis Köchling

Dennis is a  breath work teacher, bodyworker and traveller. After serving for 10 years as a firefighter and para-medic in Germany, he focused on self- development and well-being. He combines his education in Western health care with holistic approaches as well as bodywork and nutrition. 

During the retreat he'll teach you everything about the breath and the impact on the body. From stress release, to focus & clarity, he'll give you all the tool and techniques you need.

During the deep dive breath work sessions he'll guide you through your blockages, limiting beliefs and everything that no longer serves you. 

Your result: experiencing inner peace and feeling of bliss, focus on what matters to you and clarity in the direction you want to go.

Caroline van der Weerd, MSc. 

Caroline, our founder, is a 'Neuroscience Nerd', transformational coach and adventurer. 

During her masters in Neuroscience she published several articles in neuro- scientific magazines.

After her burnout, she quit her corporate job, ended her relationship and started her spiritual and self-development journey. 

In the last 8 years, she's done over 25+ plant medicine ceremonies, spend tens of thousands on courses, books and retreats and lived in Asia & Australia.

During the retreat she will teach you everything about how to manifest using the laws of the quantum physics and neuroscience.  

Your result: feeling in every cell what you want and empowered to create that life.  

Our deep dive retreats combines workshops utilizing the principles of quantum physics and neuroscience to manifest the life of your dreams, alongside transformative breathwork sessions. This offers you a unique opportunity to explore the intersection of science and spirituality for personal growth and manifestation. 

We recognize the immense potential in harnessing the power of quantum physics and neuroscience to shape our reality. Through extensive research and personal experiences, we have come to understand the importance of intentional creation and the role of breathwork in amplifying this process. 

During our deep dive retreat, we provide a comprehensive program that includes immersive workshops, where we delve into the principles of quantum physics and neuroscience, guiding you in understanding the underlying mechanics of manifestation. These workshops offer practical tools, techniques, and insights to align your thoughts, beliefs, and actions with their desired reality.


In addition to the workshops, our retreat offers transformative breathwork sessions. Breathwork serves as a catalyst, facilitating deep inner exploration and releasing energetic blockages. By combining this powerful practice with the knowledge gained from the workshops, you can access heightened states of consciousness, tap into your inner wisdom, and create profound shifts in your life. 

We understand the importance of creating a safe and supportive environment for this transformative journey. Our retreat provides a sacred space where you can freely explore, learn, and connect with like-minded individuals on a similar path. 

Furthermore, our retreat emphasizes the integration of the insights gained during the workshops and breathwork sessions. We offer personalized guidance and support to help you integrate your experiences into your daily life, ensuring that the transformative journey continues long after the retreat concludes. 

Our vision is to empower you to become a conscious creator of your reality, utilizing the principles of quantum physics, neuroscience, and the transformative power of breathwork. 

Join us on this immersive retreat, where science and spirituality converge, and manifest the life of your dreams.



We create a deep dive retreats where the focus is on you.

Not wake up in the middle of the night by your snoring roommate. No violent plant medicine ceremonies with 40+ people laying uncomfortable on a thin yoga mat, while freezing your butt off. No nice and relaxing yoga retreat where you'll loose your calm the minute you open your inbox.

Instead: Excellent guidance, private rooms in a beautiful environment, tailored program for your needs to make a change that lasts.

During the retreat you learn

- To destress

- To gain insight in fears that hold you back

- To move through blockages

- To overcome your limiting beliefs

- What's really important to you

- Balance between giving and taking

- Deal with sabotaging behaviour

- Increased self-confidence

- How to access your intuition

I'm in! 

You will leave this retreat with 

  • Techniques for managing stress and anxiety, including breathing exercises and visualization
  • Mindfulness and meditation practices to help you develop greater focus, clarity, and calmness
  • Manifestation tools using the laws of quantum physics and neuroscience to create the direction and vision for your future
  • Connection with like-minded individuals who are also on a journey of personal growth and transformation.

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Breath work

Learn how to use your breath to get acquainted with altered states of consciousness. You'll be able to move through blockages, clear your mind and find inner peace. 

Quantum Physics and Neuroscience

Learn more about how the brain and the universe works. This'll give you major insight in how you (unconsciously) created the reality where you're in now.  And how to start manifesting the life you want. 


Movement helps to release trauma and blockages that are stored in the body. It's a tool to use to get out of our minds, into our bodies and to change our state of being. 


Meditation will calm and bring clarity in the minds. We'll teach you different techniques to become present, face your fears and accept what is necessary. And how to create your future. 


Silence will help you to quiet your mind and give voice to your intuition. We'll implement silent times for you to become aware of your fears, patterns and behaviours that no longer serve you. 


Nature has a healing energy. By reconnecting with nature, we'll tap into it's infinite source of inspiration, insights and creating powers. 



Real transformation starts with awareness. You have to take control of your mind and understand your underlying assumptions, beliefs, conditioning, values and expectations that create how you perceive the world. 

By going beyond the mind and connecting with your Authentic Self the need for external luxuries, attractions, escapes and addictions fades way. It’s not that you cannot enjoy them, but it becomes pale in comparison to this connection. You’ll experience that living a fulfilled life is not about getting, it’s about giving. You’ll become the director of your life, and live the life you want. 


Being a true inspirational leader is an inside job. You have to deal with your emotions and traumas. They are protecting us ferociously, causing your sabotaging behaviour. We’ll guide you through them in order to heal them.

Connect to your Authentic Self and become highly aware of what you want, need and your purpose. You’ll see more opportunities that lead you in the right direction instead of being stuck and lived by your busy schedule. You’ll make better choices that are good for you, your body, your health and your family. You’ll become a more loving person.

This leads to astonishing results, of you being fulfilled, at peace and living in full power.


If we could take a look at our inner world, we wouldn't be surprised by our outer world. This is not wishy-washy, this is quantum physics. And if you know that, you can create our perfect reality by adjusting what's going on inside of you. 

We'll guide you with setting clear intentions, creating the right emotions and tapping into the quantum field of unlimited possibilities. Expanding your knowledge in neuroscience and quantum physics, together with the tools and practices to create your ultimate dream life. It's not rocket science, but still a science that you want to understand and embody. Be careful what your wish for.


I'm ready!

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